Uses of Class

Uses of groupMatrix in cayleytable

Fields in cayleytable declared as groupMatrix
private  groupMatrix
          groupMatrix object that is created and stored by this class.
private  groupMatrix groupIdentify.identifyMatrix
          groupMatrix object that is to be identified.
private  groupMatrix groupPanel.myGroup
          groupMatrix object used to store the actual Cayley Table being displayed on the panel via the tblGroupTable JTable object.
private  groupMatrix groupPermutation.myGroup
private  groupMatrix groupPermutationNew.myGroup
private  groupMatrix groupPermutationNew.testGroup

Methods in cayleytable that return groupMatrix
 groupMatrix groupCreator.createInnerAutFromElement(int element)
          Method to calculate the inner automorphism of a single element of the group groupMatrix object.
 groupMatrix groupCreator.createInnerAutFromTwoElements(int elmtA, int elmtB)
          Method to calculate the inner automorphism of for two elements of the group groupMatrix object.
 groupMatrix groupCreator.getGroup()
          Returns group groupMatrix object created by groupCreator.
 groupMatrix groupPanel.getGroup()
          Returns the myGroup groupMatrix object that is stored and displayed in groupPanel.

Methods in cayleytable with parameters of type groupMatrix
 boolean groupCreator.createXProdGroup(groupMatrix g1, groupMatrix g2)
          Method to update group groupMatrix object with a new cross product group that is a combination of two groups that are passed to the method.
 void groupTableModel.displayTable(groupMatrix matrix, boolean makeEditable)
          Method that fills the column headers and cells in the JTable with the newest groupMatrix object.
 boolean groupMatrix.isEqual(groupMatrix check)
          Method to determine if another groupMatrix object is equal to the current group stored in this groupMatrix instance.
 boolean groupCreator.resetGroup(groupMatrix newGroup)
          Resets the group groupMatrix object in the class groupCreator with a new groupMatrix object passed to the method.
 void groupMatrix.resetGroup(groupMatrix reset)
          Method to update the matrixRows and order of the current group with the values from a new groupMatrix object.
 void groupIdentify.resetGroupIdentify(groupMatrix myGroup)
          Method to update the identifyMatrix groupMatrix object stored in the class as well as the method to actually identify the group stored in the identifyMatrix groupMatrix object.
 void groupPanel.updateTable(groupMatrix newTable, boolean makeEditable)
          Method to update both the tblGroupTable JTable object and the myGroup groupMatrix object with a new group that is passed in.